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Canvas Board 14 x 10″ Clean Slate (FS)

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Product Features –

This Micador Canvas Board is a great base to use for oil, tempera, acrylic and collage mediums. The pure cotton surface is double-primed and textured so that paints and glues will affix to it adhesively. The entire canvas is firmly glued to the board with all sides turned inwards to prevent fraying and separation from the backing board.
  • Practice a range of painting techniques on this board including mediums like acrylic, oil, glue, tempera and more.
  • The surface is pure cotton and textured so that the materials will affix to the canvas well.
  • The canvas is glued to the backing board with the sides turned inwards so the canvas won’t fray or come from the board.
  • The boards are made from recycled materials making it an environmentally friendly option.
  • The canvas measures 14×10 inches.
  • The canvas is white making it a suitable blank surface.
  • It is recommended for ages 8 and above.