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Key Links Blue 2 (Multipack) (FS)

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Key Links Blue titles continue to increase vocabulary in every book. The prompts in the Focus Panels of the 24 early reading titles:

  • continue to reinforce high-frequency words and introduce more topic vocabulary
  • combine students’ experience of PREVIEWING and VIEWING images and text
  • discuss characters, settings, and problems and solutions
  • extent students’ understanding of punctuation and visual features
  • reinforce reading and comprehension strategies

Contains six each of:

  • Key Links: Blue 9: The Bull Gets Bored
  • Key Links: Blue 10: Lazy Lily
  • Key Links: Blue 11: Mrs Spatt and Spider
  • Key Links: Blue 12: Tricera’s Lesson
  • Key Links: Blue 13: Living in a Cave
  • Key Links: Blue 14: A Handy Horse
  • Key Links: Blue 15: Moving Seeds
  • Key Links: Blue 16: A Big Earthquake

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