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Key Links Yellow 3 (Single Pack)

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Key Links Yellow titles continue to increase vocabulary in every book. The 24 reading titles are carefully scaffolded to:

  • further develop students’ high-frequency word bank and begin to write some high-frequency words
  • reinforce and extend students’ letter–sound knowledge, including growing number of word families
  • reinforce and extend students’ use of reading and comprehension strategies
  • encourage students to think ‘between’ and ‘beyond’ the lines
  • invite students to being discussing characters

Contains one each of:

  • Key Links: Yellow 17: Big Bull
  • Key Links: Yellow 18: Cool Sails
  • Key Links: Yellow 19: Jake’s Job
  • Key Links: Yellow 20: Big Dinosaur
  • Key Links: Yellow 21: Under the Ice
  • Key Links: Yellow 22: Changing Colours
  • Key Links: Yellow 23: Robot Crab
  • Key Links: Yellow 24: Living in Space

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