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Abacus 3 Prong Class Set

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The Abacus 3 Prong Class Set is an economical classroom kit which allows all children to use an abacus individually or to join them for more involved place value work. The Class set is the complete solution for learning number sense. It is the ideal classroom counting frame to demonstrate number patterns -partitioning numbers, addition and subtraction, tables facts, etc. They are very sturdy, ideal for classroom demonstrations.Set includes: 9 x Place Value Abacus (11859) 9 x Number Builders (12841) 50 x Dice 10 Face 0-9 (12726) 50 x Dice 12 Face (12727) 50 x Dice 20 Face (12728) 1 x Know How Teachers Guide 1 x Storage Container.

Introducing the latest version of the three prong abacus. Exciting design enhancements have been made to an old favourite! This three prong abacus is more powerful than ever when teaching place value. To begin with, maybe your class is only ready for units and tens. If so… simply twist the prong and remove it from the base. What is clever about this abacus is the forcing of place value. Each prong will only hold 9 beads, so when the prong is full the children must trade all 9 beads off the prong and place a new single bead on the next prong to the left.