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Key Links: Red 3 (Single Pack)

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Key Links Red titles have more varied text than Magenta titles and new key vocabulary in each book. The 24 early reading titles are carefully scaffolded to:

  • reinforce and introduce high-frequency words
  • build on and introduce students to letter–sound relationships including new phonemes, blends and diagraphs
  • introduce new comprehension and reading strategies
  • involve students in active discussion about what and how to read

Contains one each of:

  • Key Links: Red 17: Frogs in the Pool
  • Key Links: Red 18: Tricky Goose
  • Key Links: Red 19: Where is Dad?
  • Key Links: Red 20: Sailor Sid is Sick
  • Key Links: Red 21: Where are the Bats?
  • Key Links: Red 22: Food for Zebras
  • Key Links: Red 23: Down at the Waterhole
  • Key Links: Red 24: Helicopters Help

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