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Punch Paper 2 Hole

Punch Paper 2 Hole

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Easy-to-use with the only light force required to do large, heavy-duty jobs with ease. Features include a click-stop paper guide and a flip-top base for easier waste removal. Heavy-duty and maxi models have a strong metal casing as well as a switch to lock the handle down for compact storage. All models punch 2 holes of 5.5mm diameter, 80mm apart. Small size is ideal for light, office use, with a punching capacity of 12 sheets Medium size is ideal for general office use, with a punching capacity of 20 sheets Large size is for heavier office use, with a punching capacity of 28 sheets Maxi size is for heavy-duty, with a punching capacity of 35 sheets Extra heavy-duty, punching capacity of 60 sheets.
  • Easier to use – light force operation to do the large, heavy-duty jobs with ease
  • Click stop paper guide Easy to use the flip top base for easier emptying of waste.