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Stapler Electric Rapid 5025E Desktop (FS)

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This Rapid 5025E Electric Desktop Stapler offers trouble-free stapling in an environment that is constantly using a stapler. This stapler has a number of features, including a LED guiding system so you know where the staple will be positioned, a safe guard which will not let you staple without the safety visor, low trigger force so you can staple between 2 and 25 sheets and flat cinch technology that reduces paper stacks by 30%. Every time you replace the cartridge, this stapler will replace wear parts, ensuring the stapler will last a long time.
  • This stapler will stapler between 2 and 25 sheets of 80 gsm paper.
  • It takes Rapid 5020E Cassettes (0315530), which have 1500 staples inside.
  • The LED Guiding System will show you exactly where the staple comes out every time.
  • You will not be able to staple if the safety visor is removed, making this a safe option for all workspaces.
  • This stapler has flat cinch technology which will reduce paper stack thickness by up to 30%.
  • This comes with one cartridge of 1,500 staples included.
  • This stapler repairs worn parts every time a new cartridge is inserted.