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ATAR Notes University Survival Guide (FS)

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There’s a lot to learn when ransitioning from high school to university. It’s a whole new world, full of fascinating subjects, abundant opportunities, and challenging expectations. For some people, this change can be disorienting, but understanding what university is all about makes the whole experience easier, more enjoyable, and more rewarding! And so our University Survival Guide is here to help you do just that!

This book is co-authored by three former students who have succeeded in their university studies and beyond. Each chapter also includes advice from other current and former students from a wide range of degrees, to give you the best chance to survive, and thrive, in your own tertiary journey!

In this book you’ll learn:
• How university processes work
• How to choose a course that’s right for you
• How to get good grades at university
• How to enrol, defer, or apply for scholarships
• How to study abroad or get internships while studying
• How to enjoy life on campus
• How to make the most of your degree