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Excel Mathematics Study Guide Yr8

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The Excel Mathematics Study Guide Year 8 is essential for all students who want to Excel at Maths. This comprehensive book both supports and challenges students by providing tools to explain important mathematical concepts and giving ample opportunity to practise at a variety of levels.

This book contains:

  • Full coverage of the Year 8 Australian Curriculum Mathematics course
  • Explanations of important concepts with examples and worked solutions
  • Checklists at the end of each chapter with page references to explanations
  • Plenty of exercises in the Practise, Practise sections at the end of each chapter with page references to explanations; answers and worked solutions are provided
  • Three levels of timed tests (straightforward, average difficulty and challenging) at the end of each chapter; worked solutions and a marking system that provides feedback are provided
  • Two timed Sample Exam Papers that cover the entire year’s work and provide preparation for the final Year 8 examination; worked solutions are provided
  • A comprehensive Index