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File Avery Quickview With File Title Label Bx50 (FS)

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The Avery Quickvue Files are a fantastic alternative to suspension files, and converting your draw could not be easier. You’ll never have to worry that your files will fall off their rails, tear away from the metal or lose their file titles again. The tabs on these files sit on an angle so that the top of the files can be quickly and easily identified. One pack will convert a standard drawer.
  • These files are the same size as filing cabinet suspension files.
  • They’re made from crisp, white manilla cardboard.
  • They fit perfectly into any standard filing cabinet so you’ll never have to worry about broken files again.
  • The angled tabs can be easily identified.
  • You’ll never be frustrated with your filing again as there is no rail for these files to fall off.
  • There are 72 file titles in this pack.
  • There are 50 files included in this pack, which is enough to fill one cabinet drawer.
  • The rack is not included in this pack.
  • The forestry content of this product has been sourced from an FSC certified supplier, supporting healthy forests and protecting wildlife.

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