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Geometric Folding Shapes & Activity Cards

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This kit includes one set of geometric folding shapes (TFC10763) and one set of activity cards (TFC10772).

These clever 2 in 1 geometric folding shapes show both three dimensional solids and each respective net. Each set includes 11 solids and 11 corresponding folding net inserts. Use with Folding Geometric Shapes Activity Cards for hands-on activities.

The Folding Geometric Shapes Activity Cards help students make concrete connections between 3D as well as 2D concepts. This selection of ready-to-go activities targets geometry and measurement topics, including describing and comparing shapes, symmetry, surface area, area, Euler’s formula and more. It provides differentiated instruction through 38 different hands-on activities, each clearly labelled with primary focus skills. Supports individual students as well as small groups and centres. Includes storage box and answer card.