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ORFC Decodable Teacher Handbook

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The ORFC Decodables Teacher Handbook provides complete support for the series:

  • provides guidance on the phonic progression in Oxford Reading for Comprehension Decodables, including an overview of the series’ systematic synthetic phonics framework aligned to Phases 1–6 of Letters and Sounds
  • includes warm-up activities, tips on practising sounds, segmenting and blending, and guidance on using the decodable texts in the classroom
  • includes phonic and vocabulary overviews for every book in the series
  • explains the Comprehension Skills Framework and its application across the program
  • explains and defines the comprehension strategies and skills employed
  • gives guidance on modelling the comprehension strategies and using the metacognitive strategy of ‘thinking aloud’, which is proven to support comprehension development
  • contains high-quality, practical support in teaching, modelling and developing comprehension skills based on the latest research