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Pencil Graphite Goldfaber Set 6 2H-6B With Eraser/Sharpener (FS)

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The Goldfaber graphite pencil is a versatile graphite pencil for drawing and sketching. These graphite pencils convince with their good writing performance. The hexagonal shape and the break-resistant lead with the typical Faber-Castell SV bonding make them an ideal companion during drawing and sketching for students and young artists.
  • A versatile graphite pencils for art and sketching
  • Strong SV-bonded leads resist breakage
  • Made of finely ground graphite and clay for smooth, consistent laydown
  • Creative Studio Graphite Sketch Pencils are an excellent value for art students and aspiring artists
    • Pitt Classic Sketch contains pastel pencils in black, sanguine and white, kneadable eraser, paper stump and quality metal sharpener. White, black and sanguine tones are found in most classic drawings. All pigments are acid-free and fade resistant.
    • Graphite Sketch Set contains 6 Goldfaber graphite pencils 6B to 2H; dust free eraser and quality metal sharpener.
    • Pitt Charcoal Set contains 3 quality charcoal pencils (2 soft, 1 medium); 1 kneadable eraser, 1 paper stump, 1 metal sharpener.
    • Extra soft, soft or medium compressed charcoal enriched with pigments and pressed.
    Colours the deepest black, can be smudged with a finger to create an even area, great for large work. Charcoal is the oldest sketching and drawing material in the world, it smudges easily with paper stump and can be overlaid repeatedly.

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