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Punch Paper Marbig 2 Hole Extra Heavy Duty 60 Sheet (FS)

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Product Features –

Easy-to-use with the only light force required to do large, heavy-duty jobs with ease. Features include a click-stop paper guide and a flip-top base for easier waste removal. Heavy-duty and maxi models have a strong metal casing as well as a switch to lock the handle down for compact storage. All models punch 2 holes of 5.5mm diameter, 80mm apart. Small size is ideal for light, office use, with a punching capacity of 12 sheets Medium size is ideal for general office use, with a punching capacity of 20 sheets Large size is for heavier office use, with a punching capacity of 28 sheets Maxi size is for heavy-duty, with a punching capacity of 35 sheets Extra heavy-duty, punching capacity of 60 sheets
Punch up to 60 sheets of 80 gsm paper with little effort Soft feel rubber handle for easy, comfortable operation Easy to use flip top base Lock down handle for compact storage Click stop paper guide and centring guide Punches holes of 5.5 mm in diameter and 80 mm apart.