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Targeting Maths Problem Solving Year 4

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In the real world, mathematics is used to reason, plan and solve problems. But for many people, problem solvingremains difficult and a mystery. This can change if the processes and strategies for solving problems are made explicitand are taught well.
Targeting Maths Problem Solving
has been designed to help students become confidentproblem solvers who develop a deep understanding of mathematics through reasoning and mathematical thinking.
The maths problem-solving strategies explored in this series are:

Understand and draw the problem
Identify the steps and choose and operation
Make a model and use Guess, Check and Improve
Spot and use pattern
Make an organized list and work systematically
Draw a picture or diagram
Draw a table
Work backwards and try a simpler case
Logical Reasoning

Every unit has an
open-ended investigation
to encourage students to think beyond right-answers only and
to check that they can apply the strategy in new contexts.
are at the back of the book.