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Attribute Blocks Pocket Group Set

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Attribute Blocks Pocket Group Set helps students develop logic skills with activities to practice ordering, patterning, classifying and understanding equivalent relationships. Attribute Blocks form a strong basis for students to recognise more complex attributes in other objects. Introducing more complex mathematical vocabularies. As their name suggests, Attribute Blocks are easily sorted into colour, shape, size and also thickness.

The first process is for early learners to sort by one attribute. Then progress to determining two or more ie: same shape different size, or same colour different shape. For older students, use the Attribute Blocks to introduce mathematical language such as: line, angle, vertex, side, parallel, etc.

Contains: 10 x Attribute Block Pocket Sets 60p (10117) 3 x Grouping Circles Mini 15p (10179) 1 x Logic Mats 2p (11552) 1 x Attribute Dice Set 4p (10300) 1 x Storage Container