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Ordering and Accessing Digital Product

How do I order digital resources such as access cards and Lightbooks/Lightbook Starters?

  • Ordering your digital resources such as access cards is easy. You can purchase them in-store or online as part of your booklist order. Please choose carefully, as once the access card has been opened/ registered, we are no longer able to accept returns for them.
  • Some secondary school booklists will have products which will have words such as “Can only be ordered online” and “access to this digital product will be provided at the start of Term 1 by your classroom teacher”. PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU CHOOSE THIS PRODUCT CAREFULLY, AS ONCE PURCHASED, WE ARE UNABLE TO REFUND.

What digital product information will I receive once I have successfully placed my child’s booklist order?

  • Once you have submitted your order, you will receive an ‘Order Confirmation’ email which is your record of the items you have purchased. If you have correctly ordered your digital products, you will see them listed on your order confirmation.
  • If you have ordered an access card it will come in the mail as a small card. Please be careful not to throw it away!
  • With the Items that have that have Lightbook/ or Lightbook Starter in the title, these are a slightly different situation. Many schools decide to wait until the first week of school until they set their students up with these digital products.

What device should I use to download digital resources?

  • Always use the device that your child will be using at school this year.
  • It may be an iPad, tablet or computer, but if you’re not sure what device to use, it’s best to contact your school to find out which device they prefer you to use.

How do I download or access my digital access card?

  • When you receive an Access Card, each publisher has slightly different steps you need to follow to set up their resources.
  • Many of the publishers need you to set up an account on their website in order to access the content.
  • When you’re setting up your account you’ll need:
    • Username: Always use the student’s school email address (eg.
    • Password: You will need to create your own password.
  • Each publisher will have their own criteria for password strength, but generally it will need to have at least eight (8) characters, contain one capital letter and one symbol or number.
  • Keep these details somewhere safe so you can find them if you need them. If you have to set up more than one digital resource (ie on a different website for a different subject) use the same user name and password – it will make it easier to remember!
  • **TIP FOR PARENTS: If you’re doing this for your children, make sure you’ve used their school email address (not your email address) and make sure they know what password you’ve created if you’ve created one for them.

What is the access code on the card?

  • An Access Code is a unique code that gives you access to the digital resources you’ve bought.
  • It is generally a random combination of letters and numbers, such as: T6DA-7K9S-2JCM-3HCF
  • When you enter the access code, it indicates to the publisher that you have paid for the digital resources, and they will allow you to access or download them.

I’ve lost my access card or forgotten my access code?

  • If you have lost your access card or forgotten your access code details, please contact us at
  • If you have trouble registering your access card or getting access to your product, please contact us at

Dear School / Teacher registered account users: Please note that the ordering functionality on the Ziggies website is now NOT available. You can place your everyday school orders by clicking on and entering in your Campion username and password. If you do not have a registered account please contact your account manager or Campion Customer Service on (08) 6240 2778 or email