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Blending Consonants Snap

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This Learning Can Be Fun Blending Consonants Snap Game is a fun way to learn about common sound families. There are 8 cards for each sound family so you can play snap, fish or concentration while matching up the phonetic groups.
  • Blending Consonants Snap is a fun way to learn about words and common sounds.
  • It is suitable for ages 5-8 to have fun while learning.
  • The cards come packed into a strong cardboard box so you can keep them all together.
  • There are 160 cards included in the set.
  • The game incorporates 20 common sound families, with 8 cards for each sound.
  • The sound families included are bl, br, ch, cl, cr, dr, fl , fr, gl, gr, pl, sh, sk, sl, sn, sp, st, sw, tr and wh.