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Cambridge Science for Western Australia Year 9 (print and digital)

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Written specifically for Western Australian students, these engaging new resources draw on fresh local content, provide vital tools for differentiation, and integrate innovative digital capabilities.

What you can expect from this NEW Western Australian series:

  • Unique examples of Western Australian scientific principles in action to help students make connections to their science learning. There is also a focus on First Nations perspectives form the various nations around the state and Australia.
  • Preparation for students leading up to WACE science studies through the use of a question classification, a marking scheme that reflects senior requirements, and additional extension content for Chemistry in Year 10.
  • Opportunities for differentiated learning for every science student through a wide range of activities, and graded questions and worksheets.
  • Clear learning intentions at the start of each chapter and success criteria at the end of a chapter to allow students to take charge of their progress.
  • Authentic STEM activities in every chapter that encourage engagement and collaboration in the classroom.
  • Over 50 hands-on activities per year level plus longer investigation activities. All practicals provide opportunities for students to develop science inquiry skills.
  • Innovative online resources that offer a new level of digital support for students including videos, widgets, auto-marked quizzes and self-assessment opportunities, plus a wide range of support material for teachers including the task manager, test generator and a powerful learning management system.
  • An easy onboarding process for students and teachers with immediate access to digital support resources.