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Cubes Counting Wood 2cm – 500 pieces in Container

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Quality wooden cubes in wood or bright colours. These 2cm wooden cube counting do not join or link together.Natural wood finish. Wooden blocks are very versatile, they can be used for basic counting activities, as well as addition, subtraction, exploring volume, comparing lengths and much more. They also are very useful to teach fractions or for data and probability.

Wooden cubes are perfect for building activities. Build a structure and let students copy it. Or let them build a tower and predict how many blocks they can add on top of each other before it will fall. And can they predict which way the tower will fall? Students also use the wooden cubes to find out more about 3D structures and the volume related to the size of the cube or the structure they have built. The possibilities are endless! Maths cubes are an absolute must-have for every classroom, from early years maths to primary and high school!