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Eraser Combi Staedtler Rapsoplast Medium

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Product Features –

These Staedtler® Rasoplast erasers are a two-sided, combination eraser that removes both graphite and ink. The white part of the eraser eliminates graphite marks cleanly and completely from paper. The blue part is ideal to remove ink. Phthalate and latex free, this eraser also comes with a protective, sliding sleeve for easy handling.
  • Suitable to eliminate graphite and ink from paper
  • High-quality erasing performance
  • Minimal crumbling
  • Protective cellophane wrapper with a practical tear-and-open strip
  • Sliding sleeve for convenient handling
  • Phalate and latex-free
  • Supplier Code: 526BT30
    Premium quality erasers easily remove graphite pencils marks on paper and matte drawing film with minimal crumbling. The Rasoplast® Combi also erases drawing ink. All Staedtler® erasers are phthalate and latex-free.