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Linking Cubes 2cm – 500 pieces in Container

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A set of 500 large 2cm Linking Cubes in 10 bright colours. A useful tool for teaching number awareness, counting activities, volume and surface area. An extremely affordable substitute for Multilink or similar types of cubes. The set supplied in a container for easy storage.

Linking cubes are a versatile resource and can be used for a wide variety of mathematical activities. Students can build structures and measure the height of their construction, or determine the volume. Use them for simple strategies like addition and subtraction and counting. Use Linking cubes for place value. By creating three towers of cubes (each tower should not exceed 9 cubes), tower 1 represents the units, tower 2 the tens and tower 3 the hundreds. By making each tower lower or higher, the value of the digits changes. Linking cubes are also perfect for comparing lengths. Which stack is the longest? And which stack comes in the middle? Or use them for fractions!

And of course use them for free play. Just let the children build what they want and let them learn about construction and building through play! This set of linking cubes supplied in a plastic container for ages 5 years.