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Skills in Geography

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Still the most effective tool for teaching geography skills.

With 18 brand new topographic maps and fresh accompanying activities, this second edition of Skills in Geography offers the most up-to-date and student-focused skills-based resource available.

Forty-eight large topographic map extracts from Australia and around the globe – 30% of which are new for this edition – offer fresh and relevant local and international opportunities for mastering fundamental geography skills.
A restructured thematic section covering Australian and international content reflects the way geography is taught in today’s classroom.
All graphs, statistics and tables use current data, ensuring students have access to the most up-to-date information available.
New areas of significance explore topics including Barangaroo: Enhancing livability (a study in place and liveability) and an examination of atmospheric hazards (in the context of water and the world).
Extensive information on the latest technology utilised in the field includes areas such as Google maps, the use of drones, GPS, and satellite-mounted sensors.